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Move Over... Amazon, Walmart, & others...

Sep 28, 2017 04:10PM ● By Bill Misrasi

It's One Platform to shop All Things Community

We are introducing the most powerful, innovative and closest to market, Small Business Marketing platform for local searching, shopping, and purchasing of the most relevant products and services.
  • The Local Consumer now has an Amazon type single online platform to access local products and services In their community.   
  • Thousands of Local Businesses now become the single BIGGEST Business in town with searchable and purchasable products and services in one location online!
  • Our new platform empowers each online community (city) to be like a local distribution center where each of the local businesses provides their products and services through the center.
  • Our powerful Single Platform... empowers the local businesses to present the same scale of market presence as the Big Box and Online Shopping Platforms!
  • Local Small Businesses need to get their products and services listed now. Our goal is to have all businesses online at TrendCity.Buzz so all local shoppers will have access to everything local. 
  • The local online shopper... needs and wants to search, shop and purchase their local businesses products and services, having a similar shopping experience as they find on Amazon, only with same-day access to all orders by utilizing in-store pickup. 
It is the "Hottest Trending" online Local Community Shopping Center. Local consumers can easily shop, find and purchase the new trends of the week in their community.  We are encouraging every business in town to list their products or services so local consumers can shop all local businesses.

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