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Stories About Your Favorite Pets

Nov 07, 2017 04:51PM ● By Bill Misrasi
There are all different kinds of trends when it comes to determining the type of pet we are going to choose. And as human beings, we instinctively follow them. One of these trends happen to fall under owning pets. The fact is, it seems as though all of us sooner or later get a pet. Then we have to choose a name for them, prepare a place for them to sleep and then begin to work them into our lifestyle. 

Along with the wide variety of pets there are in the world comes a myriad of pet stories. It seems like everyone that has a pet has a great story and we want to hear them.  

We invite you to go to register here on our website page and post your stories, along with pictures of your pets. We are going to have a contest every month and reward the chosen story with some exciting pet item. Watch for the contest details coming soon.