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Mar 08, 2018 10:31PM ● By Bill Misrasi

It has become a commonly known fact recently that "Social connectedness matters to our lives in the most profound way." -Robert Putnam.[10]

Robert Putnam reports, in the chapter Health and Happiness from his book Bowling Alone, that recent public research shows social connection impacts all areas of human health, this includes psychological and physical aspects of human health. Putnam says "...beyond a doubt that social connectedness is one of the most powerful determinates of our well being. In particular, it is face to face connections which have been shown to have greater impacts then non-face to face relationships.

Specific health benefits of strong social relationships allow for a decrease in the likelihood of: seasonal viruses, heart attacks, strokes, cancer, depression, and premature death of all sorts. To establish sustainability in community programs requires a continuous response to community issues.

Sustainable programs in a community help maintain a focus consonant with its original goals and objectives, including the individuals and families of communities it was originally intended to serve. Programs change regarding the breadth and depth of their programming. Some become aligned with other organizations and established institutions, whereas others maintain their independence. Understanding the community context in which programs serving the community function has an important influence on program sustainability and success.

Our objective at Go Local EZ Info is to provide a platform that allows all community residents to participate in supporting and establishing sustainability by sharing interesting facts, histories, stories, events, happenings, current, past and in the expected future, connecting all things in a community with all people living in the community.  

You have probably heard the comment "It takes a Village" to get things done? Well, welcome to the village. Here you can learn and share the history of your community in a geographically local context, or the local community. With a variety of input from community members, we can incorporate cultural and social aspects of history.

Local history is often documented by local historical societies or groups that form to preserve a local historic building or other historic sites. Now we can all be a part of providing a new kind of history compiled by local citizens and amateur historians sharing independently in an online publication relating to specific community areas.

In a number of countries a broader concept of local lore is known, which is a comprehensive study of everything pertaining to a certain locality: history, ethnography, geography, natural history, etc. That is what want to accomplish in our GoLocal EZ Info platform. 

Join us by registering above and start publishing and sharing your information  today!